A FINER EDGE, LLC   (980) 229-1149

Questions and Answers

1. Do you guarantee your work?

   A. Absolutely! If you are not satisfied with the edge, let me know and I will resharpen it or give you a full refund..

2. What do you sharpen?

  A. I sharpen mostly for homes: knives, scissors, lawn mower blades, pruning shears, grass clippers, axes, loppers, and other items, such as garden tools. I can sharpen most tools, but I will need to inspect them before giving a definite price. I also sharpen for groomers, sharpening clippers only. I have stopped sharpening shears.

3. Do you have a schedule for sharpening?

  A. I sharpen after I get off my full-time position (doing drawings for architects & engineers) and on weekends. You can all and make an appointment 7 days a week.

4. If I need something sharpened, do I call or e-mail?

   A. If you need something sharpened immediately, send me a text (980) 229-1149. If I cannot answer, leave a message and I will contact you as soon as I can. E-mails will be answered that evening.

5. Can I make an appointment for sharpening?

    A. Yes, just call, text or e-mail.

6. Do you offer discounts?
  A. Yes, I give sharpening discounts if you help set up a sharpening event where your neighbors also come to get their things sharpened.

7. How much experience do you have?
  A. I have been sharpening as a business since 2009 (I actually started sharpening when I was 5). I have sharpened thousands of knives, tools and grooming clipper blades.

8. Who did you receive your sharpening certification from?
  A. I received my one-on-one training and certification for professional shear sharpening from Jason Pintel of The Sungold Group in California. Jason Pintel is a master sharpener who has been training professional sharpeners for 25 years and has been a professional hair stylist for over 40 years. He works directly with sharpening machine manufacturers to help improve their equipment, is the founder and president of the International Shear Sharpeners Guild and can trace his sharpening lineage directly to Konichi Shigeru, Master Shear Maker of Japan.

Please note: I have stopped sharpening professional hair shears.

9. If I am in a hurry and I need something sharpened now, can I bring it to you?
  A. Yes. You will need to call to make sure I will be at home and I will give you directions to get to my place. The trip fee will not apply. You will even get a discount because I can plug my van into my home, preventing me from using expensive gas for the generator.

10. Can't I use the round steel rod (that came with my knife set) to sharpen my knives?
  A. If the rod is steel, it is not a sharpener. It is designed to straighten a dented edge and fold back out the edge, not sharpen it. If the rod is white, it is probably ceramic. There are also diamond-covered steel. Both can be use to sharpen your knives. However, using it incorrectly can damage and edge.

11. Can you sharpen Ginger sewing scissors?
  A. Yes. However, be advised that Ginger will void the warranty if I sharpen them. If you have left-handed scissors, I can sharpen them but cannot test cut with them - that will have to be up to you.

12. What kind of edge do you create when you sharpen knives?
   A. I do not use a "V" shaped cutting edge. My edges have multiple sides, as shown in the sketch below. The "V" shaped edge can be very sharp, but it will be a weak edge and dull quickly. The multi-sided edge will stay sharper longer.

13. Why don't my edges last?
  A. Knife edges can start to fail over time because of several factors. The most probable cause is that the steel in your knife is too soft. Softer, less expensive steel does not the ability to hold its edge.

  There are also other reasons a knife loses its edge quickly: abuse, putting it in the dishwasher & allowing the edges to bang against other metals or glass, using a cutting board that is too hard (glass, granite, hard words). A plastic or acrylic cutting board can also be hard on knife edges (these are actually harder on the edges than wood). Storing the knives loose in a drawer will also damage you knife edges.

Remember: Like any tool used, knife edges also need to be cared for on a regular basis.
If you any any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.

"I can sharpen almost anything except your wits"