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New sharpening hours

"I can sharpen almost anything except your wits"

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To help make ends meet, I had to get a job & I was lucky to find one at Harrell Design Group...I do CAD work for them, which means i use a computer to do drawings for architects. I also do 3D models and animations of buildings.

That leaves evenings and weekends for me to do your sharpening. With my reduced sharpening hours, please contact me as soon as possible so that I can reserve a time for your sharpening needs.

We're now certified with the City of Charlotte...

On Dec. 16, 2010, a notification letter was received from the City of Charlotte. A Finer Edge, LLC is now certified as a Small Business Entity (SBE) by the City of Charlotte, Vendor # 21566. This means A Finer Edge, LLC can now actively pursue sharpening opportunities with the City of Charlotte (school kitchens, lawn & garden tools, lawn mowers, office tools, etc.)!!!

We just sharpened for a CMS school...

The PTA for Oakdale Elementary School in Northern Charlotte contacted me to see if I can sharpen their paper cutters. Knowing that the school system is tight on money, I did them a favor and went to the school to do the sharpening for the costs of gas. I sharpened 4 paper cutters (two 18" square, two 24" square). Two of these were from their art rooms and the other two were from the office. One paper cutter I had to recreate an edge because it had been operated with the cutter out of alignment. I even sharpened a pair of scissors for them. The staff at the school was very happy when I left.

I sent an email to CMS about this, to let them know that I am available to sharpen office items like scissors and paper cutters. On March 3, 2009, I got a reply email from HRDC at CMS:

 "I am sure your services and generosity were greatly appreciated! I spoke with our Purchasing Department and they have advised that you can contact each schools Principal directly to offer your services. If they would like to have this as a service to their particular school they (the school) will assist you with submitting a Vender Application. I hope this helps. Thank you for contacting HRDC."

PTA's: check with your schools to see what shape their items are in and get back with me. I'll see what I can do to help out!

Correction: I have now sharpened for my second CMS school! Make that a third school!!! Ok, now it's four schools...well, it's now 7 & counting.

Another first for us...

We have now sharpened for the students at Johnson & Wales University and the culinary program at CPCC. Johnson & Wales University is extremely protective of their students. They also are very picky in who they allow to come on campus. In my first sharpening there, they put my sharpening appointment on bulletins and their own TV broadcasting system. They allowed me to set up in the corridor on the 3rd floor of the Culinary building, where the culinary students attend many of their intensive classes.

We have now sharpened twice at CPCC. The first time was just for the college, sharpening everything from mandolins to various knives to many different types of kitchen equipment blades. The second sharpening was a huge success, with students waiting in line as I pulled  up to their new culinary building, which they can be very proud of.

Johnson & Wales has now asked me to come three time to sharpen in their college for them & their students!

Sharpening at the Children's home in Rock Hill...

I had joined a group of business owners hoping to learn from their experience. In one of their emails, they mentioned a place in Rock Hill called the Children's Attention Home and how they can always use some help. Since I am always on the lookout for ways to help out, I sent them an email asking about the Home and volunteering my sharpening services for the Home. They in turn sent the email to them and they accepted my offer.

I drove down from Charlotte and sharpened all their knives for them. When I got home, I decided that the knives they had (which were all hand-me-downs or donations) were simply not the types of knives a kitchen like their should have.

So, I sent an email to Wusthof, the company who makes some of the best and most respected professional knives in the world, asking if they can help out. A few days later, they called me and volunteered to donate some knives to the home. A few days after that, I got a call from the Home...Wusthof had sent them a 10 piece set of their wonderful Classic series knives with knife block!!!