Not long ago, I had a single thought about why people see ghosts but there never seems to be any evidence proving it.

I had the idea that the human mind can access alternate realities without us even knowing that we are doing it.

If someone sees a "ghost", their mind is seeing things in another reality at the same time they are seeing things here on Earth. They are seeing two images at the same time. The "ghost" is actually someone (or something if it is a monster) they are seeing in the alternate reality. That is why they always seem to be not quite real. Because they never were really here, there is never evidence left to find.

Using this line of thinking, I was also able to apply it to many other everyday events:

-deja vu: when you get the feeling that you have already been there, you actually have but you saw it in another reality;

-seeing the future: you have accessed a reality that has progressed far beyond what we have;

-seeing the past: you have access a reality that has not progressed as far as we have;

-being possessed by a demon: you have accessed a reality and something in that reality is so strong that it has prevented cutting the link to your mind;

-flashes of genius or original ideas: your mind has accessed a reality where those things already exist, such as math, formulas, music, art, architecture, advanced machines or computers, etc.. You simply remembered what you saw or heard;

-exceptionally vivid dreams: while you slept, your mind visited another reality. You are simply remember what you saw;

-color preferences: you accessed a reality where you either had a good experience or a bad one. If a good one, you relate good feelings towards the colors you saw the most there. If you had a bad experience while seeing that reality, you tend to dislike the colors that you saw the most there.

This is just the beginning of things we encounter everyday that are affected by us unknowingly accessing other even explains food cravings!

So, I started typing...

When I was done, I had a story that covers:

-a time line from before our universe began to long after everything is gone;

-it tells where everything came from (stars, black holes, planets...everything), who did it  and how;

-it tells of a man who dreams he is floating in space. In one of the dreams he sees stars in one area of space vanish before his eyes. When he does research online about the dreams, he finds himself being shot at in his own home and rescued by people who live in an underground facility that has been here since the Earth came into existence. Their ancestors discovered it by accident and they have been living there, slowly learning it's secrets;

-it tells how he finds out that stars really are disappearing and whatever it headed in Earth's direction;

-it tells of how his DNA had been altered in his prehistoric ancestors. That alteration changes him into something that is designed to stop the thing in space that is making entire star systems and galaxies vanish. However, it has become too powerful...he is no longer able to stop it and finds the solution here on Earth in the form of two sisters who have no idea what they are capable of doing;

-it explains what alternate realities are and what exists outside all realities;


-it answers the one question that every person in history has asked: Why am I here?

The book is called "A.R. Beyond the Universe". I wrote it in 5 weeks, typing evenings and weekends. I'd write one chapter in the evening after work and then spend the next several evenings reading and checking what I had just written.

I wrote it without any idea how long it would be, what would happen or how it would end. I wrote it as I typed it, not knowing what was going to happen in the next sentence.

I still have no idea where it came from. I had no plans to write a book...the last thing I wrote was a paper in college 30 years ago.

It has not been published yet. If you are interested and want to read it, drop me an email and I'll email you a pdf of it. Since it has been copyrighted, I do not mind sending out copies to those who are interested or curious.

I wrote a book...(and didn't even know I was doing it)