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I accept cash or checks.

Sharpening Price List:

Electric Clipper blades __________   $5.00/set (this is for sharpening both the comb and the blade)

Household or kitchen scissors______ $3.00/pair

Sewing scissors _________________ $5.00

Knives (including serrated)_______$4.00

Japanese knives________________   $25.00 minimum , $40 maximum**

Axes or hatchets________________  $5.00 ($8.00 if badly damaged)

Chisels_______________________  I no longer sharpen chisels.

Lawn Mower blades_____________ $5.00 if the edge is straight, $7 if the edge is curved

Hand saws & tree trimming saws____  I will need to look at before I can quote a cost (typically $12.00)

Bush axes_____________________  Depends on how badly the edge is damaged...minimum of $8.00

(Lawn Mower blades should be removed from mower prior to me arriving or sharpening the blade. If you need help in removing the blade, I have a impact wrench and can remove and reinstall it for an additional $10 fee. However, I cannot remove blades from riding mowers.)

---If you do not see your tool or item to be sharpened on the above list, please contact me.

** Japanese knives must be hand sharpened to develop their famous razor sharp edge, which no other knives can match. The ultimate cost will depend on how long it will take to sharpen. I will need to look at the knife to determine the sharpening cost. If I see chips in the edge, the entire blade edge will have to be ground down past the depth of the chip, then the sharpening process begins. I use a system that utilizes seven different grits of waterstones and honing papers.

There are two types of Japanese knives:

-Traditional ones with one wide bevel on one side only;

-Hybrid knives with a wide bevel on each side. These are Kai & Shun knives.

Because there are two wide bevels to sharpen on Kai & Shun knives, additional time is required. Sharpening cost must reflect this.


I have decided to cease sharpening straight razors. I am seeing too few of them to keep the sharpening skills required to properly sharpen them properly.


Some scissors or shears are made with cast metal (instead of forged, which is stronger but costs more). Scissors or shears are prone to breaking if repairs (such as a bent tip) are attempted. A simple filing test will be performed on your scissors or shears to determine if they have cast metal in them. If the tests show that cast metal is present and repairs need to be made, you will be informed of the material. You will need to decide if you wish repairs to be attempted or not. A Finer Edge is not responsible for any damages sustained to scissors or shears during or after the repair if they have cast metal in them.



"I can sharpen almost anything except your wits"