A FINER EDGE, LLC   (980) 229-1149
email: gary@afineredge.com

Welcome to A Finer Edge, LLC, a, mobile, professional sharpening service.

A Finer Edge, LLC services South Charlotte's sharpening needs for salons and homes. It is fully  insured, utilizing industry certified  sharpening skills received while taking professional sharpening training from The Sungold Group (http://www.sungoldgroupinc.com/) , a company that has been training professional sharpeners for 25 years.

I specialize in sharpening for:

-Homes (knives, scissors (household & sewing) and tools, lawn & garden tools (lawn mower blades, hedge clippers, etc.)

-Businesses and offices (scissors & paper cutters)

-Lawn and tree care (lawn mower blades, hand saws, manual and electric hedge trimmers, pruners)

Please note that I do not sharpen chain saws, circular saw blades or professional hair shears.


"I can sharpen almost anything except your wits"

I no longer accept credit cards.
Please do not call mornings and afternoons, Monday thru Friday.
I will be at my full-time job & typically do not answer my cell phone while working.
If you need to contact me during these hours, please send me a text.

I have had to stop the mobile part of my sharpening service.
You will need to come to my home for sharpening:

12332 Homestead Place
Charlotte, NC 28277

Please call or text before coming to make sure I am home & will be available for sharpening.