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email: gary@afineredge.com

Welcome to A Finer Edge, LLC, a, mobile, professional sharpening service.

A Finer Edge, LLC services South Charlotte's sharpening needs for salons and homes. It is fully  insured, utilizing industry certified  sharpening skills received while taking professional sharpening training from The Sungold Group (http://www.sungoldgroupinc.com/) , a company that has been training professional sharpeners for 25 years.

My goal is to start establishing regular sharpening visits to neighbors and shopping centers, providing the Charlotte area with a reliable sharpening service that can be counted on.

Service areas include South Charlotte, Pineville and the Ballantyne area. If at all possible, I would like (for now) to service areas south of Fairview Road. I can go outside of this area but will require an additional trip charge depending on how far I would have to drive.

Because of the cost of gas for the large sharpening van, I need to have a minimum of $25 in sharpening before I can go anywhere in the van to do sharpening.

If you are outside this service area or you're in a hurry, you can bring your items to me for sharpening. Or, if there is sufficient work to justify driving the extra distance, I will travel outside my service area. Please call or email if you are not sure.

I specialize in sharpening for:

-Homes (knives, scissors (household & sewing) and tools, lawn & garden tools (lawn mower blades, hedge clippers, etc.)

-Businesses and offices (scissors & paper cutters)

-Lawn and tree care (lawn mower blades, hand saws, manual and electric hedge trimmers, pruners)



"I can sharpen almost anything except your wits"

Because of my lungs, I had to stop sharpening. I am now sharpening again on a limited basis.

I still have my full-time job, so sharpening will occur after I get off work and on weekends.

Please call to see if I am available for sharpening.

Gary Gordon
A Finer Edge
I have been given many compliments on the edges I put on many items, including knives. This has changed...for the better.

I have purchased a wet honing machine with ceramic wheels. If you liked my edges before, just wait until you see what I can do now!!!

I did some charity sharpening the Ronald McDonald House here in sharpening.

I need your help.

When I was there sharpening, I noticed that they are in need of better knives. If you have any that you are not using and want to donate to them, please let me know. I will sharpened them at no cost and donate them.

New sharpening hours:

Because I have a full-time job in addition to sharpening, I have had to revised the hours I can sharpen (if it is cool enough):
Mon-Fri: after 7pm:
Saturdays: 8am-1pm
Sundays: 9am-1pm.

Always...please call before coming to my home for sharpening to make sure I will be at  home when you get there.
Before ANY sharpening can be done, I will ALWAYS confirm your appointment (usually in an email), whether I am coming to your place, we are meeting somewhere or you are coming to my place. This way, it is understood where the sharpening is to occur and when. I do not come to a home unless the appointment has been confirmed first.

ALWAYS call first before coming to my home to make sure I will be there when you arrive at my place for sharpening.

I do not sharpen chain saws or circular saw blades or professional hair shears. 

I have had to stop accepting credit cards for now. The credit card swiper on my I-phone has ceased working and they no longer make them for my I-phone.


1. For your convenience, I come to you for your sharpening.

2. Do not throw it away just because it's dull!!! I can sharpen it for much less that what it would cost for you to replace it, not to mention the time, hassle and gas it takes to replace it!

Please do not call mornings and afternoons, Monday thru Friday. I will be at my full-time job & typically do not answer my cell phone while working.
If you need to contact me during these , please send a text.

I will be closed for the Thanksgiving weekend from Thursday thru Sunday, and will resume sharpening on the following Monday evening after I get off work.